Here we go : Day # 2 “On the Blog”

Hello World,

I guess there is no formal way of opening a blog post, is there? With letters you open with a courtesy of “Hi How are you?” or “To whom it may concern” but here that isn’t necessary. Although I imagine if I feel the need to have that formality then I can use the “To whom it may concern” because really, this is only for those it may concern, it may be you today or your best friend tomorrow. Who’s to say!

I found myself dreaming of what I can do with this blog and ultimately how I can use it to touch many peoples lives (hell, I’d be happy to inspire or positively affect just 1 person with this!) and all I could come up with is to try and ramble each night what it is I have learned throughout the day. If not learned then maybe what the Theme of The Day has been. Maybe then, just maybe, someone can learn from my stumbles and experiences. Please though, do not get caught up on my poor grammar and silly spelling mistakes. I realize they can be a distraction (Yes, my crazy Seestor I am talking to you!) but it’s really the message that I am truly concerned with.
So this will build slowly and hopefully quite steadily as well.

I often start my mornings out with a quote that speaks to me. I find many random searches on good ol’ reliable Google to be most helpful but sometimes I look in a great book that a lovely friend got me years ago. The Quotable Spirit. It is one of my favourite books and is always with me. (Thanks for that Kristie)

Today’s quote though came from a random search, and i regret that I do not recall the site that I actually found it on. Not one of my usual’s, this I know for sure.

” If you want to study yourself -look into the hearts of other people. If you want to study other people-look into your own heart.” ~ Friedrich von Schiller

This quote represents what I do every single day at work. It may be me teaching this lesson to others so that they are more aware of their behaviour and how they react in life rather than connect to themselves. Or it may be me staring in a mirror that is yelling life lessons my way. “Hey Sara! Ya, Did you see that? have you opened your eyes yet? Are you going to continue that? !” I love my clients but man oh man, when they become a mirror it can be difficult to swallow!

Those pesky mirrors can be liberating or completely the opposite. I chose to see them as liberating because I now see something in myself that I can either continue to do or work hard and fast to change! Sometimes my Ego kicks in a bit (which I believe to be normal, just not healthy) and tells me that it is horrible that “this client” has taught me something about myself that I though I “should” know already. Really if I react that way then all it means is they hit a button that carry’s some emotion or memory. I can work with that! I promptly do and my reward is new inner growth which helps me to be a better support for my clients and friends actually.

A reminder that the mirror is not necessarily an exact reflection but something about the other persons behaviour or attitude that stirs something up in you. It could adoration, jealousy or regret. That’s up to you to figure out. What a gift that person has given you! Often times it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

SO I leave you with that tid bit. Mirrors. How quickly they can pop up and change our life.

I’m not sure why that topic came out today, I was unaware of it today. Better go do some inner searching.

As an old instructor I once had says :

Love and Light.



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