New to the “Blog-o-sphere”

It was recommended to me that I start some sort of Blog or website to promote the work that I do. Since I am seemingly computer illiterate I opted for what appears to be the easier of the two. God, I hope I picked the right one!
I work full time with the Salvation Army in downtown Vancouver (no i am not a salvationist or christian as many assume. Although I share the same motivation and core values). I have recently been welcomed onto the Board of Directors of the Lower Mainland Grief Recovery Society (that makes me sound like such an adult!) and I have a quasi personal business. I have the name (Discover You Life Coaching) but need to renew the license and i don’t promote the business so have no clients. After working 40 hrs, sometimes 50hrs in a week the thought of promoting myself is exhausting.
I teach about Balance and how important it is and so feel that I need to live accordingly. Of course I fall short as I also teach about physical health yet have not been on a steady workout regime for a LONG LONG time.

I wonder what this blog can do for me? Will it give me things to do since I am not dating? Will it enable me to meet new people? Will it boost my career into a whole new direction? or will it fall flat?
I am open to any and all possibilities. First I need to figure out how the heck to navigate this thing, make it look enticing, then how to make it SOUND interesting…… Who wants to help?
Any tips and pointers that the kind people in cyber space may have please remember to share it in terms that a 2 year old could understand. Cyber land is a whole new language for me!!

I intend to share my thoughts about Life Coaching, personal wellness tips, Grief and moving forward from loss. I will also do my best to share other sites that inspire me.

I sure hope that someone finds this interesting!!
Thank you for welcoming me into this new world.
Sara Marie


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