New Workshop series.

The new adventure of creating a workshop series or other personal business is exciting, scary, thrilling and nerve wracking all at once. The brainstorming and idea part is fun but the putting yourself out there for the world, well city in my case, to see is down right terrifying!

This time I have the support of my good friend but still, to think that it may all happen is making me jumpy! Good feelings and negative ones rise up and smack ya in the face! This entire thing has made me realize how much I could actually do and yet at the same time it screams to me all the business ventures that I can create to hide myself in. This can be a great thing but at times it can be a detrimental thing! It means that while I coach others to create trust and meaningful connections I myself just might be hiding from it. Well, I have the choice to hide or be aware of these quirks and not let them have any say! The second one sounds like the more ideal route.

I look forward to pushing our advertisement and hopefully gaining a few clients. Slowly but surely building the workshop and sharing what we have to offer Wellness Leaders, or helpers of our community.
If only I knew how to add our flyer to this blog post….anyone able to give me a pointer?


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