New Years Resolution!

Let’s see how many others will have this New Years resolution!!

I had originally started this blog as something to keep me focused on promoting myself and to ensure that I attempt to grow my own business. Alas, this did not pan out! However it has been playing in the back of my mind so attempt # 2 is here.

All I need is some tips and time to learn how to use this effectively. Here’s to hoping!

I truly hope that I can make this a useful outlet for myself. Be it business or personal, I’m not too fussed which one!! It would be grand if it both aspects of my life benefited, guess I’ll get out about as much as I put in to it!!


6 thoughts on “New Years Resolution!

  1. I believe the trick is to try to incorporate your blog into your life, making it somewhat of a depository of past experiences, thoughts, photos, etc. That is more of a personal approach, rather than business/professional promotion. I know that that sounds cheezy and rather cliche, but it’s very easy to drop a blog if it has no meaning to you.

    I’ve been running mine since 2003 (2002, if I count lost entries) and it is rather funny to go back and read entries I wrote when I was 22. I’m fairly sparse with my entries now because not much is going on at the moment, but I don’t believe it is necessarily apt to write all the time. However, I won’t ever drop the site and I hope to keep it for as long as I live. You’d be surprised who visits your site. My blog has connected me with stalkers (wasn’t too pleased about that), long-lost relatives, job offers, new friends, travel buddies, even romance.

    WordPress has a plethora of plugins you can easily download and install directly from the blog manager. Many are really useful to connect your blog to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites. I highly recommend the NextGEN Image gallery…much more civilized and pernament than a silly Facebook gallery.

    The WordPress widgets are fun too.

    I blog from the Windows Live Blog Writer that you can download for free. It’s probably the best desktop based tool for writing and manipulating images/media and sounds into individual posts. Much easier to write with than the WordPress editor.


    • My goodness you are a wealth of knowledge! To be expected since you have been at this for so long.
      I am not a tech savvy person so a lot of this seems slightly daunting however i have decided to not let that stop me this time! I will take your tips and apply those that I am able to. I have a macbook so I’m not sure if the Windows Live blog will work but so far i like this WordPress one. I also have an app for my iphone so I can ‘blog’ on the go!
      May I ask how you found me on this blog?? I can’t remember where I may have attached to link to…….those things I did some time last year so I am not sure I will even remember how to do it! hahaha
      Well it’s always good to hear from an old friend……keep the tips and advice coming please!
      Happy New Year to you Bryan,

      • I think you had it on your FB profile. I just added it to my RSS feed and read it from there.

        Your blog looks good so far. Blogging has come along ways since when I started. We had to have some basic coding skills back then…now it is all prepackaged, just-add-water blog in a can. Much, much easier.

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