Lovely way to start

Happy 2011!

I have just returned from a trip where I got to spend time with all of my godchildren! Being that 1 of them is from 1 friend and his family and the other 3 are from another friend and her family it is difficult to visit all kids at the same time. So of course I feel that this is a beautiful way to begin a new year. A much need improvement from last years start. Setting intentions for a golden outcome really does help!

I assume that all blogs, discussions and/or articles for the next week or so will be mentioning “New Years Resolutions” so I was torn whether or not to bother with the topic at all but obviously it is rolling around in my brain otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it. It seems to me that people put much too much emphasis on the ‘resolution’ part. As though there was something broken and it now needs to be resolved. Although there were some things that I could have done without last year I am still pleased they happened since I was able to learn so much from them. Nothing is broken, everything is perfect in it’s own way.

Hhhmmm, I may sound a tad bit like a cliché but those thoughts and sayings hold truth to them! Plus I am a bit of a cheeseball so all the better to add clichés to the mix!

So instead of resolving to fix what is not broken let’s take an objective look at the things that you did or did not like last year and come up with ways to enhance them. Enhance the good so that you can enjoy them more and enhance the negative so that it can shift into a place of good!

I’m a visual person so I like to write things out on a blank piece of paper or even do a collage…sometimes I’ll sit back a daydream to see what I can come up with but really, it’s about what works for the individual in that moment.

Well, there is my daily ramblings……not sure what the next one will bring!

(I guess this is where I should come up with a creative sign off……..any suggestions out there?)




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