Just a quick note

So was feeling sick after work and decided to be less than productive. Well, unless you think a nap was productive then by that way of thinking I was highly productive!
Needless to say I was going to make an entry but my sister (whom will be referred to as ‘Seestor’ from here on out) shared her new project which happens to be a blog/website. It got me thinking so now I write!
Most things I add here will be random but knowing me I will share a lot of quotes and other readings I like. I will most likely Include various trains of thoughts about human behavior since I am a Counselor & Life Coach.
Here’s a question to cyber world people, what is an ideal format, theme, set up or whatever the appropriate name is that you would suggest a computer challenged individual such ad myself , keeping in mind the aforementioned direction I’ll probably go in?

With that I will end my first entry I have done via my phone from my comfy bed.



5 thoughts on “Just a quick note

  1. Hey Sara,

    A couple more ideas for your blog. If you haven’t already, list your URL with the major search engines. Most people don’t realize that a website will not appear in any searches unless it has been physically added to a engine.

    You can do this through your Google account which also offers some basic web analytic data about your website(s). (http://www.google.com/addurl).

    You should also add the following indexing plugins for WP which assist search engines in ranking and indexing your pages based on search queries.

    All in One SEO Pack
    Google XML Sitemaps

    One of the writing strategies I used to employ (and I think I’ll get back into this habit) was writing about obscure places around the vicinity of where I am living and appropriately tagging the entries. Over time you would be surprised at how many people are interested in that particular places. A recent example was an entry I wrote about this little often ignored heritage district in Kingston…just some photos and thoughts, but it receives a fair number of hits. I’m not talking hundreds here, but there is strange random interest on the internet.

    Places and space is just my area…could be organizations, events, people…etc.

    Kind of narcissistic, but I place my URL on my name cards and on my email signature or when I post on other blogs/forums. I once made a small comment on the widely read Google Blog and received about 600 hits on my own website that day.

    Building a ‘huge’ blog is very difficult. The successful ones I have had contact with are usually run by folks who have a fairly strong inner circle of tech savvy friends who help to push the blog through word-of-mouth on their own blogs, net forums, etc.

    Aside from your blog and one or two others, most of the people I personally know don’t write online. I find Canada is quite old school in the internet communication department when compared to many other countries.

    • Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for the tips! When I have a bit more time I will sit down and try to figure out how to apply them…. How are things for you? All this advice and I haven’t even asked about you!! Sorry about that, hahaha..

      • No worries…not much to tell.

        I’ve been floundering around in Mackenzie for 10 months. Never do a master’s degree. Ever. Period. Kind of only acquires one a place back at square one…literally.

        I wish there was more positive items than that, but it’s an odd time.

        There is a new exterior paint job on the Rec Centre. I’m sure that is pretty much all that has changed in Mackenzie since the last time you were there. Heh heh heh.

  2. A paint job on the rec centre??? Wow, that’s big!! hahahah

    How are you filling your time whilst floundering? That sucks that your master’s degree has got you no place you want to be! What kind of work are you wanting? I haven’t fully read your blogs……whoops.
    Are you having to consider a career change even though the original career hasn’t happened? yuck, that would be horrible! All the best to you!!

  3. I’m an urban planner by ‘training’.

    It’s quite hard to fill the days, especially when I used to have fairly substantial schedules prior to entering the real life. I’ve been skiing a little, but it doesn’t quite have the thrill factor it used to. Gantahaz doesn’t have decent internet either…so that crams up my online opportunities (writing, volunteering etc.)

    I’ve started the RCMP recruitment process. Unfortunately, it’s really long.

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