Appreciating those who love me!


“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”  ~G.B. Stern

I am going to attempt to add some recent photos that my fabulous friend Lindsay Anne did for me on a recent visit to Calgary. Her generous ways were overwhelming this holiday season and couldn’t have been better timed. After an incredibly exhausting and stressful Holiday season at work (organizing a homey Christmas for a 235 bed shelter with only 1 other active staff member makes for A LOT of stress!!) I was in need of a dose of my  Alberta family.



It’s interesting how good friends are there at the perfect moments whether they realize it or not!







What may appear to one as an easy and small gesture can impact another in such a grand way. I feel so cared for and loved that it’s almost hard to let it all sink in!! So much at once! It’s important to acknowledge those in our lives and to thank them for being there! They deserve it 🙂



So to my Alberta loves; Lindsay + kidlets (Kai, Shaelee & Ariana) and Jarred, Kendra + kidlets (Ella Lue and Adeline)

Thank you for being you!!







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