Budget Budget Budget

Ugh, such an annoying word! Budget!!

Well finances are always a cause for pain, moaning and groaning so I have taken steps to give myself some more financial freedom and I am slowly (very slowly) getting there.
Next step is to get back into cooking at home much much more! Pay some things off and free up financial space so I can travel more 🙂
A friend and her husband did a great thing and went to about 4 different grocery stores (Safeway, Pricemart, Superstore etc.)  with a list of the main things they buy and wrote down the prices. Next they’ll sit down to compare and see which stores will save them more money! Brilliant! I hope to benefit from all of their hard work and get the info, if so I will post it so that others in the Lower Mainland can benefit.

It’s time to live a bit more frugally (not sure that’s a real word but it works) so that I can do all the things I want to do. I post this to cyber space so that I can be held accountable and so that those with great tips, recipes (for all that extra cooking I will be doing) or advice can share as well!

On that note, I smell my food in the oven so I must go and enjoy it.

Bye for now


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