Make Goals Not Resolutions

Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

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So I got myself to a 9:00am yoga class at Lululemon (yes that’s right, in the store!) Most of the stores offer a free class once or twice a week as a way of giving back to the community.
Anyway up on the wall I noticed they had written “Make Goals not Resolutions” and it got me thinking more on the topic.
It’s brilliant really. The word ‘resolution’ combined with the New Year celebrations really is soaked in negativity and the idea that no one ever fulfills them. So why bother, BUT if you set goals (ideally this should be done more frequently and not just once a year) then you give yourself a more conscious way of living. With conscious living a person tends to see they have more choices in life and so they make healthier decisions (rather than automatic reactions that often end with some sort of drama). Now who can argue with that??

I have made some new goals and as a result things are beginning to come out of the woodworks. It’s still a bit too early to put all my eggs in the basket, so to speak, but it’s exciting to notice that once i begin to live consciously I can really attract that which I want (and deserve!) in life.

So here’s to Goals that give you the life you deserve 🙂



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