Who wants to help?

Alright cyber world, I have a challenge for you!

Assist me in a job hunt.

I am looking for something that includes much of what I do now (Counselling, Life Coaching, Emotional processing and support people to make a change in their life) but with travel!
I was given a good suggestion today but it includes starting my own business.

While I do have the start of a business I do not have that natural entrepreneurial instincts. I do however have dedication, a good work ethic, am very organized and flexible and great people skills!!

Now, anyone out there that wants to hire me, recommend me or help me please feel free to send me a message so we can speak further!

It is important to identify when you are ready for a change and be able to begin the process. Just like Shrek says to Donkey “Change is good Donkey”. It’s a good thing to switch things up and not get stuck doing ‘the same old thing’.

So I am taking charge and looking for that open door that I can walk through. Do you have the key?

Happy weekend to you all!


2 thoughts on “Who wants to help?

    • I have a bit. In the adult education but no in the Vancouver school board has ever got back to me…I’ve sent a few different emails over the last few summers but then don;t follow through. But it’s something to look at again.

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