Hahah, I’m not even sure I spelled the title of this blog correctly!

What I mean by the title is that I’ve learned, Yet again from other sources that you’ve just got to keep consistent with blogs!

“Have a purpose” and “don’t ramble too much”. I’m not sure I am doing well with the point about having a purpose or direction for the blog but I do trust that it will evolve. Once I tackle the consistently thing. Ha! That is always an uphill battle for me. I get so excited about so many things that some times I do not complete a task or if I do complete it, it is done half-heartedly so here’s to staying on task!

Currently the goal to combine travel with work has proven to have some promising opportunities.

Side note – Oh! Maybe my posts will be about going after things you really want. Goals, Focus, achieving that which you view as impossible. Hhhhhmmmmm, I may be onto something. Anyway,

I’ve reached out to two different sources and got immediate response! Exciting and even a tad scary. Might I actually get what I wish for??? Holy Moly, that would be incredible!! One is a blog site that would ‘publish’ things I have written about that pertain to travel and world knowledge ( ). That one I was just inquiring about what it would take to be a part of their team. Mainly to explore opportunities.

The other possibility is one that I am much more passionate about. Doing Grief work (Counselling & Coaching those in the midst of loss) and training others in the basic certification from the Grief Recovery Institute. It’s something that I have been connected with for many years and have seen (and experienced) a lot of healing with this program. I have begun a conversation that will hopefully involve me training to become a trainer (a bit of a mouthful, I know). Then I will be able to travel around Canada and possibly the USA to train, assist and counsel people! Combining the 2 things that I am most passionate about sounds like a dream.

I have many things to do before that can happen however to know it is a possibility only fuels me to continue. If any of you lovely readers are versed in writing to a member of parliament to secure funding or know of any other funding resources that I could look into to be sure that the Grief Recovery Institute could afford to train me or that I can fund myself then please share your knowledge and skills!

Take Care cyber world and Be good!






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