Whoops! Here I was so committed to writing on this blog as often as possible but I haven’t really added anything for over a week.
I have been trying to focus on some goals and organize some things. I have only been about 50% affective though. At least that is what I think and I know I am harder on myself than others would be. Now surrounded by boxes I continue to say to myself “I will get more done once I move”. I wonder what I will say after my move? hahah

My biggest item on my list is to write a letter to my Member of Parliament or maybe also to my MLA to find out about financing for some additional training that I wish to do with the Grief Recovery Institute. Since I would not be returning to school in a traditional way and I am not necessarily doing this solely for my own business the funding doesn’t fit into any specific category. Well, not from what I can tell. This is a big project for me since I am not versed in writing government officials or in writing proper proposals. So rather than diving into the task like I normally would, I have done nothing. Not exactly going to get me anywhere. HELP!!
I know I need to get some more information from the institute so add to the request so that it can look as official as it really is…….so anyone out in cyber land want to help or just plain write the thing for me???
Leave a comment with any suggestions….

Alright, I am off to finish my tea and create sunday full of procrastination!

Ciao for now


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