Moving Along….

3 days, little sleep, a lot of small changes and somehow I am still going. Moving is exhausting, even when everything goes smoothly! I had movers ( ) that are amazing! 45 minutes to load up and 45 minutes unload. Then the excitement of a new home meant I was too excited to sleep! I was unpacking and organizing in my dreams!

It’s interesting because I teach and coach people in transition and change so I was anticipating an easy transition for myself. Although it wasn’t emotionally difficult it did manage to throw me off my regular routine and balance! So embracing that I completely disregarded my usual way of things and decided that I will take the week to enjoy and adjust this welcome change

Life will toss us off course even if we are expecting it but the best we can do is go with the flow, embrace how it affects us and even laugh it off!

I shall return to laughing at my comedic ways (moving a couch around by yourself when you’re as clumsy as I am is quite hilarious!)



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