My Perfect Day

Goal Setting

Image by angietorres via Flickr

So I have been working on some things lately to ensure my future is what I wish it to be. Part of that journey has been putting into play basically everything I get my clients to do. Specific goal setting accompanied by writings or VisionBoards and basically looking ahead at what you hope you can have one day. I’m not sure why but I have always had an aversion to planning too far ahead. I am too impatient to think about 5 years from now b/c I’ll want it now! However to achieve that which you want or feel you deserve one must make a plan and work towards it. okay, So i take my own advice and have been somewhat humoured by the emotions, thoughts and wacky belief systems that have popped up. I’m not going to blast them over the interweb however I am going to state that they exist and can creep up on a person!

So today’s homework was to sit down and write about your Perfect Day (c/o of ). I have had many variations come to mind over the last two days so most of it I was prepared for however there were a few details that I didn’t notice were ‘missing’ until I read it over. I’m not sure if they are missing because there are current details missing from my life that would influence the future (I’m single and therefore did not include children into my future outlook however I did include the ‘husband’). I found it interesting.

Goals seem to be a theme of mine when i write on this blog, another things I have noticed. It’s interesting having this awareness of self. I can giggle at the idiosyncrasy that is my life. Observe and change if I wish. A positive thing once I am on the other side of the emotional tornado of whatever processing I happen to be in the midst of.

Maybe tomorrow I will take some photos of this Perfect day to enhance it’s effectiveness.


happy weekend


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