A Woman’s ramble

Alright so this isn’t quite business related however if you think of Life Coaching and how coaches point out mistakes and make suggestions then this just may be justified.

If you’re a man going to take a woman out on a date then there are a few things you need to know. Not only do you need to know but you NEED to pay attention to this.
If you are about to meet the woman for the first time you must be sure that your clothes fit you properly, you jacket is not an old replica of a Tom Cruise bomber jacket from Top Gun and you appear clean and put together.
If the woman tells you she likes (hint: this means is attracted to!) a guy that can make a decision and take the lead on dates then you should probably attempt to look for a restaurant or two that you like and maybe even make a reservation. When said woman states she is frustrated because you suggested a date on a Friday in a city that has a hockey team in the NHL playoffs BUT refuse to watch the game and continue to shoot down any suggestions she makes…..you should then MAKE A DECISION!

WOW, an odd yet informative evening led to this post. I do believe I am even more clear on the type of man I wish to be with. So I guess I should thank the ‘Bad Date Bandit’ for allotting me the experience in which I can learn this.
I hope that the lessons are over for now and that better dates can begin to take the lessons place.

So any men out there reading this, if the information does not pertain to you pass it along to your buddies. Let’s make the dating world better!

Signing off,
Disappointed but laughing.


2 thoughts on “A Woman’s ramble

  1. Back when I lived in areas with dating opportunities I found that a good way to earn brownie points was to stand up when my date arrived at the table.

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