Letting Happiness In

Buddha statue, Kamakura, Japan

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I have copied a link to a great article on one of my favourite websites


It’s so important for me to keep in mind the silly simple ways I can get in my own way! As I embark on this new exploration for my career I find myself often getting in my way, building imaginary roadblocks or just plain old ignoring my potential! It’s a bit overwhelming to think that things can go exactly as you wish or at least incredibly close!!

The more I explore career expansion the more I begin to explore my connection to Buddhism and it’s philosophy of life. All of which can only help to create a fulfilling life! I am a naturally optimistic person and get surprised when I am filled with self doubt or criticism so these new challenges are a good way to keep me in check with my true self and on the path that I meant to be on. Who knows, maybe I’ll find the man of my dreams along the way!!

I hope you find the article useful. If not to you then maybe for a loved one.


3 Mistakes That Hold You Back in Life & How to Avoid Them | Tiny Buddha: Wisdom Quotes, Letting Go, Letting Happiness In.



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