Stuck. Why does it happen?

Isn’t it interesting that the more we want something – more money, a new shirt, that trip, less tears – the farther away it seems to be. There are many quotes out there that explain this annoying but oh-so-truthful thought. Trust me. I just tried to pick one to put into this post but there were too many to chose from! 

So why is that we know this concept yet we still get ‘stuck’? Is it because we don’t deserve whatever “it” might be? Is it Karma giving us a lesson? Or is it our wonderful minds taking the piss out of us?

Some may think it’s one or the other, heck some may even think it’s all of the above. My realization, thanks to friend that sparked this earlier, is that we all think TOO DAMN MUCH! Our head, our cognition, our thought process gets in the way and then begins to tell out heart and soul these untrue stories. Since our Heart & Soul is ultimately so pure and trusting it believes the head and then suddenly we find ourselves in that ‘stuck’ place. Again. 

So, I resolve to catch this little cycle of mine as often as possible and transform those moments of unnecessary thought into something productive. Maybe it will be more blog posts or ramblings like this, or it may be yoga. It may be even just knowing that I don’t have to be thinking the way I am which will then release the downward spiral of emotions. 

Bliss, releasing from what isn’t needed. 


Love & Light.


2 thoughts on “Stuck. Why does it happen?

  1. Good to see the blog running again! A life not documented is a life not lived…even if it is online!

    I will be wandering around Vancouver this weekend/coming week. Up for a coffee?

    • Hey!
      I’m trying to get the blog up and running again. Periodic episodes of writing may be all this is for. Either way, I’m attempting it! haha
      I’ll be on the island until Sunday night of Monday but free after that…I’m also off work for about a week so we can go for coffee or drinks or something….. email me and I’ll send you my phone number.

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