Turning Point ??



Most often when people are asking about the turning points in life we look back over our life and see what we can recall. We see many things that created a shift in our core being or something that opened our eyes up to the bigger picture in life. At times a turning point is a traumatic situation or extremely painful event. 


What happens if you can sense that you are in the midst of a turning point? There was a series of events that were all emotional but no one single one was life altering enough to make you sit back and think “What now?” however clump them together along with an innate sense that something is happening and now you’ve got what could potentially be a large Turning Point in ones life. What the heck is a person to do?! 


I ask because I think I am in the midst of something but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. A few things that have challenged my emotional resilience has certainly taken place. I work in a field that can be challenging with little reward but completely draining. I have some people in my circle of friends and family that require more energy then they are able to give back and I tend not to always do what I want to do. It seems a little thing called a ‘rut’ may have caught ahold of me.


As a Life Coach and Counsellor it can be difficult to reach out and request support since my profession is one that requires me to give it, not receive it. However I have done my best to catch this line of thinking and follow through on what it is that my body-mind-soul needs. I thought I was doing a damn good job until I felt myself crumble under emotions. This is why I think I may be in the middle of some kind of Turning Point.


Is it that fact that I’m 30? Or is it time for a shift in career, perhaps a different clientele? Maybe I need to learn something new? Again I repeat my question, What happens if you can sense that you are in the midst of a Turning Point? How do you navigate it in the best possible way? 


I have always been a resilient person. Sure I can be a bit dramatic on impact but give me 5 mins to say or express what needs to come out and then I’m back to quick decisive Sara. The past few weeks I have been stuck in an emotional state that I am not familiar with. This past Tuesday I realized that I need time away and so I took it. It may only be a week, it may be longer. I’m not overly concerned with the time frame although, my bills may have a different opinion. All I know is that I do not like ‘sitting in’ an emotional state without knowing what it is I need. I’ve always known what I need. I’ve always been able to connect to myself and sort out what needs doing, what direction i need to focus on or if I simply just need a quiet vacation. These days I’m at a loss. 


Normally I would not be one to post too much about my personal state however it does seem to have a cathardic affect. I do encourage clients to journal or write out all that is in their heads, guess its my turn to eat my own advice! Meh, I’m okay with that. I think. 


My goal during my time off is to re-connect. This means to my sense of self, my body (yoga yoga yoga), people that I haven’t connected to but always fill me with love and warmth, and even to my city. Hopefully in new ways that I haven’t experienced before. Sounds like a plan.


Time to check-in and see what the heck is going on in my inner world and what I need or even perhaps what it is that is in store for me.


Okay Universe, do your thing but I request that you be gentle and kind. My resilience is currently disabled leaving me more open and vulnerable then I am prepared to be. I’m in your hands.


Love & Light. 




2 thoughts on “Turning Point ??

  1. Yours is a story I hear often as a Compassion Fatigue Specialist. As our self-care and energy ebs and flows, so does our resiliency to CF. Balance is key – easier said than done in the helping profession! If you want any recommendations for good CF books shoot me an email… charlene@acounsellingandcoaching.com I wish you all the best in taking care of yourself while you take care of others!

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