The Souls’ Goal



                         -Caroline Myss

Earlier I found myself wondering what the hell was going on with me. Knowing I need time away and time to process some things but also knowing that there is some other things going on. All this is fine by me but how could I articulate it in such a way that I can get it or, that other people could get it? 

My conclusion : it doesn’t matter if I can articulate it. As the above quote states, the real challenge is in silencing the mind. This is something that I have believed for a long time. I know I say it a lot. It’s also one of the reasons I sent myself away to the Vipassana Meditation retreat in February


Since I have been back from the meditation retreat I have found myself feeling more. I’m already a sensitive person, very resilient but still sensitive. It’s just that I am now really feeling more. More intensely and more frequently. Hhmm, wait. Correction. I am more aware of the depth and frequency of these feelings. It’s made things difficult at work which has resulted in this stress leave. I know the stress leave need has been brewing for a while but it’s all about timing. Again like the above quote states, Our soul knows what it needs.

I talk about this personal shift because I think too many people float through every day simply unaware. Unaware of how things affect them, unaware of how they are being perceived, unaware of the beauty of life and on and on. It’s important for me to become more aware and in turn hopefully someone else can begin the journey of opening their eyes to the world around them. 

My goal is to extend peaceful moments within myself where I am living in line with what my soul requests. What’s your souls goal? 

I look forward to more time for me to explore, process and hopefully also release that which is within me. I wish the same for you.




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