Isn’t this the truth?!  (I sure hope the above picture shows up!)

As soon as a person gets to one point in their life they look over and notice that there is another person that appears to be ‘ahead’ of them. I say this with slight sarcasm and eve a it of personal disgust. That person is happier, that person is thinner, that person is wealthier, that person is stronger. Blah Blah Blah.

Somewhere along the way we humans became misguided and began a direction of life that has got us all turning around in one spot. Bah! Annoying! 

I have spent the last three weeks expressing, processing and regrouping after finding myself floating through life in a way that just isn’t congruent with who I am. I believe in intuitive living, being true to self and others, being kind, having fun, not being locked into ‘contracts’ and paying attention for the next sign that will show you your direction


Sadly in today’s world people feel that they ‘should’ live or be a certain way. Everyone is in such a rush to get more, do more, be more and then repeat those steps. Even some of the most ‘spiritual’ people who say they are humble and grounded rush the day to day life. To me this is not the way but can become the way if not aware of what pulls you off course.

While on recovery from Compassion Fatigue I have been able to reflect and slow down on an internal level and it has been immensely helpful. Note that I say slow down on an ‘internal’ level. Not the daily tasks but the inside vibrational pulls that power me through my day. Slowing down has allowed the emotional process to organically happen. 

I put the challenge out to whomever is reading this, figure out how to slow down your internal process so that you can live a full life!  If you feel that you are living a full life then slow down so that you can truly enjoy it.

I send Metta (love)  out to myself, to you and to everyone. 

Love & Light



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