Process of Transition

It seems that for many months, if not longer, I have been in the process of some sort of transition. No, this is not the kind of transition that women go through when they age, I am too young for menopause. This is some sort of transition; a not completely content and “what should I be doing” kind of transition. Perhaps it’s the 30-year-old “is your life really where you want it to be” kind of analysis.

I find it entertaining that I work in a field where I am consistently supporting, pushing, motivating others to look towards their future with determination and clarity and yet when I look towards my future I simply have a question mark. I have never been one to plan my future in any sort of detail. I have always believed in following the open doors of opportunities that open to me. Thankfully I have been fortunate in that people take me under their wing to mentor and guide me. It seems that I have hit a wall that may require some more concrete thinking and planning rather than waiting for the next door to open.

I have come to a place of patience while I go through this interesting transition and so perhaps I will see the door more clearly? One can only hope 😉

My meditation practice has taken a stubborn hiatus and for some reason I am contemplating taking on the challenge to train for a 1/2 marathon (yup, this is from the girl who hates running but enjoys the effects). I am trying to educate myself more on belief systems around money and also some of the more practical tasks associated with it, as well i hope to be instructing for Rhodes Wellness College  for an online Life Coach course….so a lot of things out there on the good ol’ goals list. Just not sure what’s beyond them.

Opening up to the universe and Source to see what it has in store for me……… I’ll work on the clarity thing for now.

Maybe I’ll add “more frequent blogging” to the list and from that clarity will emerge………no promise though




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