Just Do It (Nike was onto something)

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ”
Walt Disney Company


I have had this battle with running for about 2 years now. I love it. I hate it. I want to conquer it.


I’m not fully clear on that yet. Some days it’s for stress management and my own mental health. Other days it’s a good goal that I can work on but not have to be too stressed about. There are even days where it’s the idea of what I should be doing because someone else said it’s helpful.

After 2012 has thoroughly kicked my butt mentally, emotionally and spiritually I figured “why not round it off add in some physical elements” to this butt kicking of 2012?!

Rather than talk about it and try for a couple weeks I decided to shut up and do this thing properly. I joined the Running Room Learn to Run 5km clinic. 


So far it’s been a fun process. I am in week # 3 and am beginning to feel physically challenged. I even asked myself last night when I got home “what the heck am I doing this for?!!” I was exhausted from a bad nights sleep (I get very whiney when I don’t sleep well!) and my muscles were sore and yelling at me. The muscles were yelling at me mostly because I pushed myself too hard at yoga on the weekend and then didn’t give myself a rest from running. Today is rest day.

I appreciate this challenge and the fact that I am involving other people in my goal. I feel that in a strange way it’s helping to make up for some of the personal difficulties that I have faced so far in 2012. My values, integrity and at times self worth have been challenged but with running those things aren’t an issue. Even a bad run is a successful run. You just can’t beat that feeling.

Yoga is my first love of physical movement and I will soon find a balance between it and running. It amazes me the depth of internal growth that can come from stretching a certain way, breathing or just putting one foot in front of another at a faster pace. 

I read blogs about healthy living and creating a balanced life for yourself and there are always great pointers and things that can be quite affective. I think for me, and what I see day to day at work as I counsel or coach people to create their ideal life, it comes down to the simple idea of being engaged in life. What grasps your interest? What feeds your core self? What excites you to look toward the future? If it’s not harmful in any way then those are things you should be doing.

Take a class of some kind NO MATTER YOUR AGE. Find out what gets the juices flowing and go do it!

Feeling good about Feeling good 🙂



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