Thoughts for myself but also for you.

The Beginning of a new phase of life.
More commitment, more follow through and of course more joy. Often one looks at these new adventures as a sort of ‘chore’ and so it is short lived. What’s the motivation for these changes? What’s the purpose to re-create your life?
Really, only you can decide those motivating factors and be committed to them is such a way that only makes sense to you.
When I say that it has to make sense to “you” I don’t just mean the you that your head tells you you are but the “you” that is in your heart. The you that guides the big decisions in your life. The you that is ultimately your soul and true self
There is so much influence and chaos in the outside world that it becomes our identity. I disagree with this outer influence as ways to identify with and feel that it is in large part why so many people are unhappy, discontent and forever searching outside themselves for the ‘better’ thing that will fulfill them.


Seriously, pause for a minute and check in with yourself.

Do you even know how to check in with yourself or does that sound like something some urbanized hippie or health professional say because they ‘should’ say it or it sounds nice?
Lets try the check in again. read this, then do it.
Close your eyes so that the outside disctractions are at least out of sight even if only for 30 seconds. Take a breath in through your nose see if you can feel the air go in. Where did it go? What does the inside of your body feel like with this new breath? Now check out what your emotions are doing. Just quickly, no need to analyze them or change them. Is there a nervous energy, or maybe you’re even a bit confused why these words on a page are suggesting that you do such an exercise. And yes, the word exercise is accurate here.
Now back to the emotions. What did you notice? If it is unpleasant the next in-breath you take pretend that the air is going to the place that the unpleasant emoition sits within you and the air is going to engulf the emotion and guide it out through your nose or mouth on your exhale.
Don’t pretend to do it. Actually do it.

Now that the basics are covered it’s time to explore the whole motivation around life changes. This is something that I am discovering the importance of. I’ve had a lot of solid cognitive, “that makes sense” kind of motivation to do things but there are some changes that I feel I want but haven’t allowed a deeper connection to it and so it is short lived. So what is your deep soul connection to the changes you are about to or wish to make?
I figure if my true self is aware of the changes then the sustainability will come with ease. This is to be determined yet but I’ll keep you updated. 🙂
So lets try this out. If you get an idea of some sort of life change, be it small or large, check in with yourself to be certain that your true self is actually in need of it. When you breathe in after asking the question “is this what I really need?” then you will be able to persevere throughout the difficult moments.

*Note to self : practice above blog with own intentions. Eat your own words.


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