Let’s see if my ramblings make sense to you.

Healing modalities seem to be plentiful these days. Contemporary ones that fit within societal constraints as well as ones so abstract that there is no logical explanation as to how they work. Lacking logical reasoning does not take away from the impact but it does take a lot more ‘blind faith’, so to speak, to open yourself to it.

We live in a world that demands proof, evidence and lengthy explanations as to why this works and that works. Doesn’t all that mumbo jumbo get annoying to you? Yes, it is great that we can dig up scientific evidence to proove a healing modality works well but is it really necessary? At the end of the day (or life) all one really wants is to ease the pain or discomfort they are in. Great. Why should i care if that means they bathe in mud, salt or some other more extreme concoction? If that person feels relief then by all means go to it!
Now there are people who are deeply mislead and disconnected from their true soul and think that by performing some sort of violent ceremony is the way to healing and i certainly do NOT support that. What I do support is the access to the numerous amount of modalities out there that do not harm anyone involved. Ones that encourage growth, support emotions, feeds the positive side of every being. That sounds good.
The good stuff doesn’t always fit into that boxed in view that society has adopted over the last however many years. Which is sad, and sadness needs healing. The cycle of cause and effect continues.
What is the point to all this round about stuff that we go through in every lifetime? Again I repeat the question, “Does it really matter?” If we can’t answer with a definitivie answer then there is no need to fuss about it. Since we were not born with a manual that says “if you do A,B,C then D will happen..” then we can not say for certain what the point to it all is. This doesn’t mean that we should all just give up and over- indulge ourselves. It means we should try harder to stay connected to our true self and live the way we were meant to live. We were not born with an ipad in our hand. It is not a movie that gave us love as a child. Since what gave us encouragement to grow was the “big” people who showed us love, smiled and hugged us and had simple yet seemingly profound conversations with us then doesn’t it make sense to keep those qualities alive in our adult life? If those things helped us to grow strong then wouldn’t they help us to get even better?
Why do we succumb to so many things that distract us from ourselves and then wonder why we are not happy? Yes, shiny new fun things are great but they do not sustain us in any way. The battery dies, the hardware needs replacement or simply the silly ol’ thing simply becomes obsolete.
Maybe our focus should be to sustain ourself. To figure out how to keep our internal battery going so that we ourselves do not become obsolete. Maybe we all just need to slow the heck down, reach out to whichever healing modality speaks to you and take care of ourselves.
Slow down in this busy world. Breathe in the good that is all around. Appreciate who we are, who is around and live life in a loving way.


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