Master of None

I Sit down to write with purpose and suddenly I have no idea what to write!


Questions? (Photo credit: Valerie Everett)

I began to explore some other blogs out there on WordPress this morning and found some lovely ones. Hopefully following them will bring inspiration for other topics for me to consider and possibly write about as well. I thought it would be easy to write on a regular basis but I guess it is much more difficult.
Using Ommwriter is a great way to really block out a lot of distractions. In fact I think logging into it and just sitting for a bit with the music and taking a few breaths is much-needed.
Meditation is often helpful and grounding. It is something that I would like to say I do on a regular basis but I don’t. There are a few things that I’d like to do on a more regular basis but it will take a bit of commitment, dedication and patience as I work on breaking old habits.

Creating space for new habits isn’t all that difficult for me but the consistent follow through is. I have always been the type to learn the basics of something and not fuss about mastering anything. I get bored once I know the How to something. So taking on tasks such as meditation means I really need to find motivation to keep it going as regularly as possible. In the new year I am going to try for 1 month to do a morning meditation with a group at the Chopra centre here in Vancouver. Perhaps if I join a group it will keep me accountable and motivated. Mind you I thought that about the Running Room and I managed to not finish it…..mostly because I went out of town and missed the last 2 sessions. Still, the new goal to figure out how this jack of all trades can become a master’is going to be an interesting journey.




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