A nice, gentle reminder of what I’m doing and how to stay focused.

Namaste All Day

Getting started on anything is challenging. A lot of fear may surface when we want to make  important changes in our lives. Will we be accepted? Will we fail? Can we follow through? Ego HATES change, especially when the change is for our higher purpose. It will scratch and claw its way in, until you once again surrender to its power. This ego is no joke, and requires patience, practice, commitment and diligence when traveling on what I call the “path”.

The “path” is when you chose to see yourself for who you really are. A soulful being, full of love, light and joy. It is when you make a commitment to serve your higher self and  follow your bliss. It is also a path of selfless service and giving. Understanding that your cup is full enough to now give unconditionally to others. This way is not for the faint…

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