How do you know if they are meant for you and not somebody else?
Some would say that if you see it then it is for you. Others may say that if it fits in your heart and life plan then it is for you. How do you know the signs that are meant for you?

You know the ones that show up quietly along your day after a conversation with someone or a dream, or a thought. The ones that seem to line up with your ideal world, your hopes and dreams.
Maybe that random stop sign after a certain destructive thought or lyrics to a sing that seem to support a new decision and it just so happens to be playing on the radio at an optimal time?

Maybe thats how you know it is meant for you. The timing of it. So why do we question it? Are we jaded by the difficulties in the world and therfore no longer believe that any good can happen? Have we forgotten that there is something greater then our egotistical self? Where’s the true self in everything?

Time to slow down and check in. What signs were there for you today that you ignored? What could you pay closer attention to that may lift your spirits, clear your head and help you make a decision?

If meditation isn’t in your daily routine then perhaps a more mindful way is a good starting point. Pick a portion of your day and commit to being as mindful as you possibly can. Observe. No judgement. Simply see what there is for you.

Take this moment for instance. Here I am writing whatever flows out of my hand and onto the computer screen and I see that I may be writing to ‘you’ but really, this message is all for me. My humble soul needs mindfulness, quiet, space to sort through things.

Sign noted.
Off to observe.




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