Scary new goal :

Why? Not sure.
I think it’s because I felt like things were getting a bit too predicatable and mundane. Although I work in an industry with people of an unpredictable nature it managed to become all too predictable. The conversations began to blend, thoughts had an obvious pattern and even self care became so stagnant that it no longer worked.
So, I take time off work and that begins to help but not quite. Stress still builds and doesn’t dissipate as quickly as I would like.Then I try to switch up daily schedule and pattern but that doesn’t do much. Now I reach for something TOTALLY out there. Something I found myself saying two years ago at my first 10km fun run that I would never do. Now I eat my words.


I try my best to not live a life of absolutes but here I did it and now I am reminded why it’s not a good idea. 😉
I am excited to take on this new challenge however I must admit that I have my concerns. Will I be able to follow through on the type of commitment it takes? Can my body hold up to it? Will my mind be able to clear out of the way and motivate me through the hard training sessions?
*phew* That’s a lot of questions and surprising fear.
Well, I wanted to switch things up so here I am doing just that! I’m sure it will help me in more ways than I can imagine at the moment. At least that is what I hope for.

2012 was a year of challenges, loss and lessons. Now 2013 can turn all of that into great growth, love and abundance! This new ‘goal’ is a great way to pave the way for what I deserve and desire.
I put the word goal into quotations because I have a love/hate with the word goal. It gets tossed around without much care for what it represents. Meh, that’s a different thought process that I’d rather not go into at the moment.

The three C’s of my new challenge!




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