What’s new for you?

Creating change can be hard. No wait; it IS hard.
Nothing wrong with that. In fact I think it is due time that people are upfront and honest about it all.
It’s going to suck for a while. You will struggle. You will feel defeated. You may even give up from time to time.

Have I uplifted you yet? 😉

I saw a Weight Watchers commercial the other day and the person was saying that losing her first 20 pounds wasn’t so difficult so she kept going.
There are soooo many things I find distrubing with that commercial. First let’s point out that losing weight is so much more than just the pounds or inches. There is usually underlying thought patterns, emotional habits and possibly pain to heal. Not just stop eating this, start eating that.
Then there’s this idea that (in the way it was stated, although I hope it wasn’t their intention. Too bad all people can’t see beyond the obvious and into the intention) 20lbs wasn’t enough. This idea that “it isn’t enough” is something that we in North America and other places, I’m sure, are bombarded with. It’s not enough weight, it’s not enough money, you’re not enough.

So not only are the viewers now thinking that creating a life change is easy, no big deal, but there is also an underlying belief being promoted that no matter what, you are not enough.

It is a big pet peeve of mine how things can be prettied up and made to seem all fluffy. While the benefits of changes are enormous and absolutely worth it I think it is wrong to not let the the truth be a part of the whole picture.
It’s not to be scary or to put a damper on the motivation. It’s so that a person can be introspective and plan for the possible roadblocks and issues that will pop up. Also so they know how much support to reach out for or simply how to take care of themself while going through said life change.
If I know myself well enough then I can roughly plan for my shortcomings and frustrations in ways that will further my success and even add to it. I’ll be able to anticipate the difficulty thusly not being so hard on myself when it happens. I’ll be able to better celebrate overcoming hardships and be excited for those difficult moments so that they too can elevate my end goal.

There, not all that dark and negative, eh?

What are you planning for?
How will you work with the difficulties and use them as motivation?

Remember, it is hard to create change but it is so worth it.

Carry on, enjoy!




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