Transform …..something.

I noticed that with my time away from work and lack of schedule that I can be so easily influenced to be either incredibly productive and busy or the exact opposite. Lately I’ve been less than productive.


I think it’s partially because I have been genuinely sick with a chest cold but I think it’s also because I’m meant to return to work soon and I want to pack in as much relaxing time as possible. I find it odd that I would think that. One would think that if I feel the need to pack in the relaxing now then I haven’t really learned my lesson of balance. While I have learned the lesson of balance and I am aware of the changes that need to be made, it’s a bit tricky to catch the old habits so quickly. So as they creep up, I pay attention and try to make adjustments as needed. 

A useful way of doing this is by this app that I’ve stumbled upon for the iPhone (actually it may be for iPads as well but I only have it on my phone) called “Transform” and each day it gives you a little reading and task to do. Life enhancing things. It has a reminder that you can program for any time of the day. 
I thought that I would aim to write about each days reading and assignment and see what transpires. This means that I will be mindful of the assingment and integrate them into my day.
Today’s is :
“Three things in human life are important. The first to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind.” -Henry James

Assignment: Today, notice kindness wherever you encounter it.

Well, since my day hasn’t had too much happening in it so far I can say that I’ll be aware for the remainder of it. I know I will encounter kindness later as my cousin has done me a favour of picking out some wines (she’s brilliant with these sort of things) on a budget. I pick them up from her later. So already she’s brought kindness into my day. Thanks Cuz!

I can understand why noticing kindness around us is important and suggested with this app. I’m sure I’ve written before about how fast paced and selfish our world has become. It’s fine to be self aware and set boundaries but I mean the selfishness that won’t allow others to exist in ones world. If it’s not for gain or greed many people won’t consider it.
I had a client a while back that had tripped and fallen on some construction stuff and no one helped her up.



She was pretty battered too. It wasn’t a little fall, there were bruises and a sprained wrist. She was already in a very vulnerable state, which no one can see, but this certainly did not help her to regain trust in the world again. In fact this probably made it that much more difficult for her.

Why don’t we (yes I am generalizing and yes I am speaking to EVERYONE) take more time to just check in with people. What about that friend that is stressed or that friend that appears to have it all together. Why don’t we genuinely say, “How are you doing today?” and then actually listen.
Hold a door open for more than 1 person today.


Pick up something that was dropped. Smile at a stranger for cryin’ out loud!
So I promise to share the kindness today in some way.

What will you do? Let me know!

Have a kind and warm day 🙂


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