Risky dreams or Dreamy risks?

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”

-Louisa May Alcott

Today’s Assignment : Feel the excitement of considering doing something “dangerous” that you have always wanted to do.


I must admit that even trying to write, actually I should say “blog” as I do not want to take away from the true writers out there, on a daily or near daily basis feels a bit outside of the comfort zone. Although I do not think it is quite as “dangerous” as the day’s assignment is probably intending. I think that I have been so far out of my comofrt zone this past few months that I may have even peaked. I am down right tired and ready for the next phase of life. Taking 4 months off work to explore and just have an emotional break has turned out to be a very difficult and a stretching way to experience things. While I identify with extroverts I am also connected to my intorverted side. So I thought! haha.

A lot of time to be at home, sleep, meditate, exercise, eat and just be by myself has been intersting and deeply needed. I am ready to have people around me more and to be going out and engaging in city life again but I must admit that I have liked having days where I didn’t even speak. I am more clear on myself, my goals and dreams. I am okay returning to my job if that is what is meant for me (hopefully with some adjustments) and I don’t have the urge to run away. If I hadn’t been so broke and only living off a portion of my wage then I am sure I would have taken off somewhere. Moving abruptly and starting over. Instead it was more “dangerous” to sit it in my shit, so to speak.
Don’t get me wrong, I still squirm but I know there is only great fun to come. I was living with these odd blinders on for a while. Partly because that’s how I thought I was “supposed” to be and partly because I was just floating.

Now I’m ready to put my dreams out there and to see what happens.

I’m not going to bare the details here but I will say that typing about is , even in this vague way, brings excited butterflies to my stomach.

So what sort of risk are you going to take? Or what risks have you taken that you can remind yourself of?
We all need our own version of excitement, go create yours!



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