Are you a Worry-Wart?

“Worry is not preparation” -Random T-shirt

Assignment today: Observe the voices of worry talking to you


An interesting assignment today. I’ve always known that I was a thinker but I would never have classified myself as a worrier. Until recently. Paying attention to the thoughts that run rampant in ones mind can be an eye opening experience. I know my eyes are more open.
I’m not sure that I would fall into the category of chronic worrier however circumstances and being less grounded have given me a temporary home in the land of Worry.

No longer do I wish to be here. A long and tiring ‘vacation’ it was and I want no more of it.
So what actions need to happen in order to ease the worry? Well, I believe I have taken a lot of actions. Internal and external. I am awaiting the external to match the internal growth and I feel it is close. I can’t help but worry about a few things such as : job (the changes I want and will it happen) and my adventure of training for the half marathon this summer but I am giving myself a time limit to how long I will allow my mind to carry on.
This is a new action for me but so far, so good.
When I catch myself thinking about something and it’s a thought pattern that has already happened I give myself 5 more minutes, just in case there is something new roaming around in my mind. After that I do something to change my mind.
Maybe I get up and do a few sun salutations, or have a cup of coffee.


Anything that adjusts my focus. If that means I need to do a series of things or even say to myself, with love, “oh shut up” then that is what I do.

I notice that it gives me permission to stop worrying about that which I can not and do not control. I don’t have to do it all by myself. There is something bigger then me guiding the way. The only thing I “have” to do is to be in touch and trust. For a person who lives in her head this can be a difficult task. Especially with this extra amount of time to think!! However it is imperative to do. I know the benefits, heck I coach people to do it so I should be practicing it as well!

How will you discover your ego’s worry? What will you do with it?




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