Head in the Sand

It’s been a while since I’ve written.

There goes the whole idea of consistency! haha.Good thing I don’t take myself too seriously these days. In fact that was part of my whole “issue”. I began taking things too seriously. I forgot to have joyful fun. I got bogged down with the “You should be…” that society throws around. 

Basically my head, heart and soul went somewhere the sun doesn’t shine!



I haven’t been depressed or feeling like I was lacking however I was on auto-pilot and not listening to myself. A bit of rut I suppose.
I have some things that I want to do that is beyond work. Some things are an extension of work. I’ve never been the type of person to only do 1 thing and yet for the last 61/2 years that’s the way I’ve been living. So now it’s time to figure out how I can do a bit of all the things that interest me.
Yoga teacher training is something I want to do for myself. Maybe turn it into income but mostly to deepen my practice and knowledge.
Training and crossing the finish line at a half marathon. This one is to do something that scares the snot out of me. Seriously, I’m nervous about this one.
Contract work running Grief Education workshops. People need to know how to talk about death and loss. It happens people, learn to talk about it!
Spiritual ceremonies around loss with my Shaman friend. Mainly because it is simply interesting and powerful.
Travel. Trave. Travel.
Not live a 9-5 life but have some of the structure and stability it offers. No clue how that is going to look.

Putting it all in writing helps to make it more possible. Putting it in writing makes it real. Putting it in writing gets the juics flowing and the excitment hightened.

Time to take my head out of the sand and live the way I am meant to be living!


What are you going to do to take your head out of the sand?



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