Karma Yoga

While I don’t post very often (or ever) and I usually state a new found commitment to the blog world I do find myself thinking about this a lot.  So this time, no pressure or over zealous commitment to how often I will post. 


Okay, here it goes for today’s post:

I have gone through a wild roller coaster for the past 2 years. A part of me feels like it’s just been a few months but looking at the calendar is has not. The calendar rudely reminds me of how fast time can fly by. Now that my head is coming out of the fog I can say that I am thankful for the calendar reminding me that time is ticking. Don’t settle for that which does not make you happy. Time keeps going whether or not you do. 

I am in a career hiatus or possible transition. Stepping back from running groups, counselling, life coaching and working directly with people’s emotions has become a priority for me. My body has yelled, my soul has spoken and my brain has shouted at me. I finally listened. While moving from one form of healing to another may not seem like a huge leap to many, it is to me. 

The week that I spoke up about truly needing a break I discovered Karma Teachers Studio. 


Such an amazing place! I was gifted a partial scholarship and suddenly I am diving into the yoga world. I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful. 

My main focus is to deepen my practice and discipline.


Then the work stuff will sort itself out along the way. 

On day 1 we are already breaking down how to teach a pose and what to do with students. 

Day 2 we really open up the philosophy of yoga and begin to practice the ways (8 limbs of yoga, beginning with the Yama’s).

If for some reason I was not able to continue the program (knock on wood) I already feel like I have learned a lot of helpful and motivating lessons. My emotions have space to heal, my body has a way to sweat out the ‘stuff’ it has soaked up over the years and my brain is playing with new information.

It’s beautiful. The #karmarevolution is an amazing thing. Giving back to people in a way that is rarely done in today’s economy. Selfless and heartfelt. I am blessed to be welcomed in to the community. I look forward to the transformation that will happen.

I look forward to seeing what is around the corner for me and where my career will go. Maybe I will combine all of my skills into a smash up services, maybe I will work at a bookstore. I do not know. 

I like not knowing. 


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