Journey into ……. self?

I truly find it awe inspiring that I am a part of Karma Teachers yoga studio and community. So far it has been an amazing experience, and it continues to grow.

Since I finished work about 2 weeks ago I have been going, going , going and yesterday I slowed down and was able to soak in my gratitude and appreciation of what has come into my life. Which was perfect as today’s focus is Aparigraha, or non-attachment. I take this idea of non-attachment in the literal way. Do not attach yourself to anything. Be not attached to peoples reactions, to your possessions or even your thoughts. It is this non-attachment that allows freedom to hear what I need and to be able to go for what I want. 

As I am in what I call a career ‘adjustment’ I began finding myself thinking about all the possibilities and directions that life can take me. I quickly began creating plans, wanting to make contacts and basically putting the cart before the horse. This is NOT practicing non-attachment!  My body yelled back at me and ,thankfully, I listened. This on the other hand, IS practicing non-attachment. To not become attached to the plans or ideas that pop into mind.  As my muscles started tightening I realized that I was doing the opposite of what I am meant to be doing at this point of my journey. I was going fast, too fast. So I reached out and was gifted with time and space to be able to slow down. 

I knew that I needed a long meditation (my home meditation is proving to be more of a struggle then I thought it would be) and I knew that I needed a gentle “forcing” of time. Going to Float house to lock myself in a 1 person enclosed bath with no lights, no sound and no gravity sensation was the perfect thing. While the meditation turned into a beautiful nap (whoops!) I was able to emerge feeling more centred and back on the path of slowing down. I listened to myself and it was worth it. 

I then received a call being offered a part time job in a place that will allow me to slow down and really take time for myself. While I continue to struggle with some egoic reactions, and judgements to what I am doing I really am grateful to be able to slow down. To heal. To regain inner stamina and strength and to be able to do it with the support and knowledge that the Karma teacher training has already given me as well with what is to come. 

I regularly exchange gratitude emails with a couple friends which has had a profound impact on me. I love it and am grateful for it (I have I mentioned the word grateful enough?? hahah, I really really feel it!). 

Now I can focus on giving back in the small ways that I am able to. 

Self…. you got this. 




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