Not “just” Yoga

This weekend was a whirlwind of learning at my yoga teacher training. I learned some things about the asanas (poses) but mostly it was reaffirming lessons around the philosophy and my decisions. I’m thankful I don’t work today or have anything planned so that I can do my best to just soak it in and have a slow day.
My body has managed to hold nearly 10 years of stress in 1 inconvenient spot – my right shoulder and side of the neck. This weekend it flared up and became very painful again simply from being overworked. Or so I thought.
Sunday mornings class with Kevin Naidoo showed me something else.

By the end of our class I was tearing up and feeling very emotional but I didn’t want to stop. In fact after the class was done, even with exhausted muscles, I was annoyed that we weren’t going to keep going! I did not want to stop and talk. He had us hold bridge pose for longer then I’ve ever held it. It gave just the right amount of pressure in my shoulder(s) and as I took breath after breath I could feel heat in the right side and so much emotion that I wasn’t entirely convinced I would not yell out something. Intense! 

I decided to head home at lunch as soon as class let out so that I could have a few moments to process. Returning to class for the afternoon I was in an emotional hangover. I’m not sure what was discussed in the afternoon landed. I know that practicing the asanas at 4:00pm I could careless about them. I was utterly exhausted. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
I came home and sat down and giggled a bit as I said out loud to myself “careful what you ask for”.
I knew yoga would give me the physical release that I got on sunday. I also know that if I stay open to it then more will come. Which is why I choose to put it out there in a public blog. Mass accountability!
I also had a lovely gal from class offer to add me to her Float House account (allows me to have more affordable floats, and it’s amazing for the body). She had perfect timing with her offer and I sure hope that she felt my gratitude. I was a little foggy so I’m not sure if I let it be known.

Out class homework give us themes for each day that we are to tie into our daily activities and today, Monday, is Ahimsa. This simply means non-violence. Some people take that to be vegetarian monday, or do not use aggressive language for the day (curse words), or simply do self care. Today I will do self care and try to release my tense neck muscle some more (I may end up cursing though because it really hurts!!). I was planning on going to a 7:00am class but thought that would be too much for my muscles. Instead I will do 10 sun salutations and hopefully go float for a while.
Another powerful weekend with Karma Teachers Studio, Emerson and a ton of other cool yogis.

I wish Ahimsa to you.


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