Does Truth = Contentment?

Today is tuesday and for my yoga teacher training class that means we are to focus on: 

Satya which means truth and Santosha which means contentment.

So to honour these yama’s and niyama’s I thought I would ponder them a bit. 

To speak your truth can be easier said then done and most people say what they think is correct to say rather than what they really feel. Truth is more then a cognitive process that sounds good when vocalized. It is a cognitive process that when it reaches the heart ones entire self feels in line with it. The soul nods in agreement so to speak. So really, if you want to speak the truth you must become self aware and listen to the deeper recesses of yourself then speak. 

Growing up I used to be told to “think before you speak” because I would blabber out the first thing that came to mind. While I still have to be aware of this and surround myself with good people (so that they understand that my foot in my mouth was not meant to hurt anyone!) I find this a great start to becoming clear on why we say what we say. Or even better, why we think what we think. This is a great stepping stone to self awareness which leads to realizing we have the capability to choose our actions (rather then feeling like “I had to do that because the other person made me feel that way”) which ultimately leads to a more fulfilled life. 

Notice I did not once say what those actions had to be, or what a fulfilled life has to look like. You get to make that decision, once you slow down, hear yourself and honour what it is that you need. Not what your ego needs or what your loved ones say you need but you your truth needs. 

So I guess truth does equal contentment. Be truthful and see where life takes you!

I am fortunate enough to know my truth and feel comfortable in speaking it but I got side tracked for a little while and now I am back to really listening and being rooted in what is going on. I have become an active participant in my life again. Funny, typing that statement made me teary. I learned a lot and am thankful for the time that I got sidetracked but it is time to get back to me. There are a few tid bits I’m clearing out (emotionally) but I am basically there. 

I am thankful for those in my life, those that passed through my life for a short while and those that I have yet to meet. 

How will you share your truth today?


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