Graduation is just the beginning

Just a quick note to say that I intend to write more but there is sun outside to be soaked up!

Yesterday I graduated from my yoga teacher training. I am so thankful to Emerson Lim (founder of Karma Teachers yoga studio) and Michael Olivotto for their leadership, support and teachings. Most importantly for inviting me to join this special training!!

I connected to the bits of me that I lost along the way and I became even more solid in the bits of me that never went away. My confidence, self awareness, needs, wants and spiritual self have been given a re-boot!
I love freely, laugh warmly and move a little less rigidly!

There were many beautiful people in our group and I thank you all for adding to my experience.

I already have a few ideas brewing as to what will come next and I am loving the possibilities.

I am sure I have something more profound and elegant to share and I will when it pops into my mind. More things to process and soak in.

I am very grateful!!

Namaste to all you lovely people reading this 🙂

I will share any news if I am teaching public classes but for now it is by donation private sessions.

email me, message here or if you know my number then call!



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