Yoga Every Damn Day!

A 40 day journey is about to finish. 

Every morning I would wake up with the sound of S.N.Goenka as my alarm at 05:00am and drink some water, maybe do some oil pulling and slowly wake myself up so that I could go to the yoga studio for around 06:00am. Every. Damn. Day. 

It has been a challenge! I have come to realize that while I am a morning person I am not that early of a morning person. I enjoy a variety of ways to care for my body. Vigorous vinyasa yoga every day did not work for me. My body needs a few Yin days, some ashtanga days and some days where I am not teaching myself. I would not know this had I not done this 40 day journey. 

It was a roller coaster of emotions. Pretty much as intense as my yoga teacher training was and just as intense as my mentorship program currently is. Yogis have this stigma of being flaky and not very serious and while there are those personalities (which are everywhere by the way) this could not be further from the truth. Yogis are dedicated, open, loving, serious (and fun!) as well as brilliant. It takes time and patience to meditate everyday, to do a personal practice everyday, to research and learn everyday, to create sequences everyday and to be human. Everyday. 

I have decided to celebrate the completion of the 40 days with as big of a smile as I had for my YTT. I will bounce with joy, tell anyone who will listen and reward myself with a day of sleeping in! 

I love what I am up to these days, even the days that terrify me. I still battle a bit with “how will I make enough money?” but consistently trust that things will fall into place if I continue to stay dedicated. 


I am so thankful to myself for doing all this work
I am thankful to Karma Teachers Yoga & Meditation studio in Vancouver (Emerson for his selfless giving, Michael for his loving chair poses)
I am thankful for Shannon Cluff for her mentorship program, her wisdom, truth and support.
I am thankful to the universe for providing! 


Namaste beautiful people!



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