Growing Gratitude

I am so grateful for the amazing people that I have in my life.
One thing that I have really noticed over the last year is that the more I heal and come back to feeling like my true self the more grateful I am.

I knew that I was an emotional wreck and that I was disconnected for quite some time but I didn’t notice how far off I was until things started to feel connected again. As I sit in that awesome space of being aware and enjoying things with true enthusiasm (not the fake kind that I spouted for a while) I am amazed at the people around me. There are some very cool people.

It is exciting to see my friends, family and peers from refreshed eyes! My goodness, it’s like a new pair of glasses.

Let me clarify, I wasn’t dealing with depression. It may sound as though I am referring to a time where depression ruled the roost. It was burnout. Some call it compassion fatigue while others call it adrenal fatigue. I just call it tired. Okay well there’s usually a special “F” word in front of tired but I’ll keep that language off the page for now.
I was tired of doing the same old thing over and over. I was tired of not feeling challenged or inspired. I was finding myself feeling lost.

Thankfully that isn’t the case anymore. I am still a bit lost but in a totally different way. I am lost in the “I want to get my own business going but I am overwhelmed” kind of lost. It’s an exciting lost.

The coolest part is that I am meeting new people, reconnecting with people who have always been in my life. Grieving the loss of others. It’s a renewal. A renewal of the senses, the soul and the mind!

Hhhmm, I wonder what my point was? Oh yes. GRATITUDE!

I have been doing a great email exchange with 2 amazing and rad friends and I think it has made a huge difference. We email our gratitude with each other and cheer each other on. It has slowed down a lot but I still think about it everyday and I must repeat , it has helped!

It’s good to slow down, think about things in a more meaningful way and appreciate what I have. My heart is filled with so much good, loving experiences!

It is nice to see a gratitude challenge going around on facebook. I will pose it to you but with a longer timeframe then I have seen it:

Share with someone (friend, me, your journal etc…) 5 things that you are grateful for everyday for the next 2 weeks.

I’ll start.
1) My family – not only blood related peeps (you guys rock but there’s not a lot of you so I had to expand) but friends that have become family to me.
2) Yoga – It grounds me, challenges me, heals me and connects me
3) My gratitude email friends. This one’s for you! hehehe
4) This great opportunity to find what really makes me joyful.
5) Summertime – I love how extra motivated I am with the sunshine!

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. I hope you share what you are grateful for!




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