Writing a business plan and learning about all the details that go into running a business can be overwhelming! Wow, I am thankful for the path that I decided to take. I have the time (kind of) to soak in information and decide where to source out help, what to do myself and what needs to be left alone.

Small Business BC is a great resource but you still need to do the digging yourself. Just like yoga and other wellness avenues. The information is at your fingertips, YOU just have to look inward to discover the answers.
Where does one start when looking inward? The body. What is happening in your body and what could those messages mean?

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Counselling can help you to make sense of what messages come from the body and Life coaching helps you to pave a path forward so the body can learn a new way of responding to life.
I love how that all ties in 🙂

In the next day or so I plan on posting a survey that I would LOVE and appreciate for you to fill out so that I can build a service that meets all your needs.

Off to more business plan creating….



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