The life of a new entrepreneur :

After a stressful morning and a great lunch with my wonderful boyfriend today I forced myself to pause. I was missing out on some accomplishments and leaps that I have been taking lately.

All I could hear in my head was “It’s fast enough” “You aren’t making money yet” “Too many people do this so you won’t succeed” “You aren’t a business person” “Go back to a real job”
I am sure there were some other choice words but I’ll spare you.

I posted a facebook status that quickly shared these milestones but I want to really put it “out there”. I am jumping into unfamiliar territory and I am going big. Why not, right?!

  1. I have completed my first draft of my first ever business plan.
  2. I presented my first ever business plan presentation (the actual presenting was easy but the content was about all this foreign “stuff” so that’s why it was a big deal)
  3. I have a domain and website with website to be tweaked by professionals that create sites for counsellors specifically and so know the SEO and copywrite required to draw traffic in
  4. I have a business license
  5. I have a client (gotta start somewhere)
  6. I have developed and presented a 4 week presentation (and loved it) which has now given me the idea to put it online to reach a wider audience.
  7. I volunteer for a fantastic yoga studio ( Karma Teachers ) and
    thought that I could volunteer for a second studio that is equally as fantastic
    (One Yoga – ) but sadly had to put it on pause.
  8. I work part time at a bookstore
  9. I have joined a MLM company because I really like their workouts and shakes
    ( ) and hope to make some extra cash with it.
  10. It is just about a year since I began my Yoga Teacher Training!
  11. I am in the process of upgrading my designation within my counselling association
    ( to Master Practitioner practicing Counselling and Psychology = MPCP
  12. I have also been approved to become a SUPERVISOR for new counsellors that are joining the association Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and need to complete their required supervision hours.

So I think it is fair to say that things are moving forward 🙂

Time to slow down, breathe and enjoy the successes AS they happen.

“Cool it Sara, You’ve got this”.



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