About Me

I truly believe in taking care of oneself. My ongoing learning helps me to grow as an individual and become a stronger supporter to others.

With 10 years experience in Life Coaching, Group facilitation/therapy and Counselling I am branching out on my own to work for myself so that I can better serve you!

I am a huge supporter of Karma Teachers Studio  http://karmateachers.com

and the #karmarevolution. Let’s help this grow!



Yoga Instructor – 200 RYT
Registered Counsellor -RPC
Wellness Life Coach
Group/Workshop Facilitator
Edu-Therapy specialist
Grief Recovery Specialist


6 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi Telly!
      You’re probably the only one from work that has looked at my blog 🙂 I don’t really promote my outside life at work so I’m pleasantly surprised to have you ‘roaming’ here! hahaha…….

      • …yeah, take it easy, I won’t bother you that much. I am not a kind of blog player, just come up oncccccce a while. Anyway, it was very good chat with you last Thursday. Dream what you believe and work on it. Right.

        Enjoy today’s sunshine, and live for the dream of tomorrow.

      • You are welcome here any time!! We can dream of business ventures to reach out to the world (lets start with Vancouver first) so we can help many people!

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