Writing a business plan and learning about all the details that go into running a business can be overwhelming! Wow, I am thankful for the path that I decided to take. I have the time (kind of) to soak in information and decide where to source out help, what to do myself and what needs to be left alone.

Small Business BC is a great resource but you still need to do the digging yourself. Just like yoga and other wellness avenues. The information is at your fingertips, YOU just have to look inward to discover the answers.
Where does one start when looking inward? The body. What is happening in your body and what could those messages mean?

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Counselling can help you to make sense of what messages come from the body and Life coaching helps you to pave a path forward so the body can learn a new way of responding to life.
I love how that all ties in 🙂

In the next day or so I plan on posting a survey that I would LOVE and appreciate for you to fill out so that I can build a service that meets all your needs.

Off to more business plan creating….



Dedication to my Dad

I was going to begin this week with a yoga blog about a piece of yogic philosophy. Instead I am going to write a bit for my dad.

12 years ago my dad died from cancer. It is wild to say 12 years because often it feels much less than that. Often it feels like 1 year. My sister pointed out that she has lived more than a third of her life without our dad. Ugh.

He wrote my sister and I a letter each before he died and just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes. He started out my letter with “Daddy seems to have goofed and lost my fight with this stupid disease..”
I loved how my dad could talk about something so sad and throw in a silly word or two to lighten it up. Guess I got that from him (obviously I am not using that talent at the moment).

In the letter he talks about how proud he is of me and how he liked to let me think I was manipulating him. I knew that he knew but it was a fun dance as a teenager! He even talked about how he worried that I did too much at once and that he was confident that I would learn how to balance it. Took a while but I think I have it figured out now Dad!

One reason that I decided not to write about my planned “yoga” topic was the fact that yoga and living the life of yoga is all about being raw, vulnerable and authentic. Sharing this small bit about my father has me in tears, smiles and laughter. To live yoga is to be in union with all that you are. Sure the physical practice is important (and one that I still struggle with) however I believe our approach to life, death and difficulty is much more important.

Grieving is not about how one “gets over” a loss or tragedy like so many people are lead to believe. Grieving is about learning how to navigate the world with this gap in your heart. I choose to speak about the people I have lost. Today it’s about my dad. Tomorrow it might be someone else. There is no such thing as “getting over it’ or “just give it time” . These ideas are perpetuated through media as though they are reasonable ways to deal with things. No, they just help the movie plot move along faster.

I believe to take a yogic approach to grieving is to acknowledge that this loss, upset, tragedy or adjustment in life is a part of you. It is now a part of your life story. It is meant to be shared and expressed fully. The act of holding it in is what “screws” us up and keeps us “stuck” in the event. The psychological diagnostic bible (DSM V) discussed including prolonged grief as a mental health disorder. We can thank society for that bullshit.

The definition that helped me a lot as a griever and as a supporter to those in grief is as such :
    Grief is the feelings in response to a loss of or end in a familiar pattern of behaviour

Honour your feelings, respect the pain and know that what you are feeling is normal. People forget that we deal with loss, pain, death, life adjustments all too often (there are over 40 different types of loss!). So forget the notion of “getting over it” and find a way to live with it in such a way that you can be free to be who you are. Every grievers path is different and beautiful.

Oh, before I finish up here I should explain that the video clip of Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the Moon compilation is for my dad. I’m pretty sure he had this played at his funeral (he planned his funeral before he died) and this is a quick and easy way for me to show how awesome he was.

So Dad, thank you for your lessons in life and in death. I miss you like crazy every damn day.




After many years of coasting through life and doing what seemed right I crashed and burned. Out of crashing and burning came a renewed sense of connection to my daily activities. So exciting! I became more aware, more mindful and much more appreciative of what I have. No longer am I wishing I had more material “things”. No longer am I stressed about keeping up with everyone else, nor do I care to pretend. I have what I have and that is MORE than enough.

I humbly bow to my new path.

I humbly bow to my new path.

I still have healing to do and much more learning but it’s exciting now. I get to reinvent what this adult life looks like. I get to make conscientious decisions about how I am going to spend my time. Scary. Isn’t this what being an adult is about? Why do we (myself definitely included in this generalization) get swept up and let “them” influence us? Whomever “they” are. What happened to ‘do what you want to do’ , ‘listen to you heart’ . All that lovely crap we are told when we are young. It got lost somewhere along the way for me. I suddenly found myself doing things that I didn’t mind doing but wasn’t overly jazzed about. I forgot to have fun. I forgot to play.

Well, now it is my turn. Again. Playing, being joyful, knowing that I have an impact and that I have a strength that needs to be shared has come back to me.

Climb a dumpster for yoga, why not?!

Climb a dumpster for yoga, why not?!

I am so grateful and curious what this next phase will be. I am terrified at the uncertainty. However I am still so sure that this is the direction that I am meant to go in. I have no clue if this is the final destination or if I am going to learn some things then return to what I did before. No idea, and that is okay by me. Even if I did know exactly how the rest of my life is going to turn out. The exact job, the exact travels, the exact amount of money that I will live off and where I will live. Even if I did know that for sure, things happen in life and can throw it all off course. So I’d rather not know and just be pleasantly surprised as I continue to experience the new that is around every corner.

Yoga has taught me. No wait, yoga is teaching me to slow down and look around. Look within, be mindful of decisions and love every moment. Yoga is teaching me what my physical and spiritual bodies need to feel fulfilled. I stumble with my daily practice but I am returning to it. I am learnng just how I shut off but can appear to not be shut off (hopefully that makes sense). Yoga is teaching me more about me than analyzing and answering questions has taught me. The body holds the answers. It is so bloody amazing that I am consistently aghast at what comes out. The learning, the release and the renewal that one can get just by taking time.

This journey is a long one and times can be a tedious one but it has caught my intrigue and I will follow it until I am done. Or dead. Whichever comes first!

Who wants to join me on this exploration? Lets connect, talk, share, celebrate and grow!

Balance? Always a work in progress.

Balance? Always a work in progress.

Until next time.

A quick note to say that I am embracing a new look and brand for my developing business!
I am excited to see where this next year will take me and what I will learn. I hope to begin teaching more yoga (preferably yin) and to have some counselling and coaching clients as well develop some workshops that I can offer to many wonderful people.

Pay attention here or to my website : http://www.discoveryouwellness.com
to see what is happening!


Growing Gratitude

I am so grateful for the amazing people that I have in my life.
One thing that I have really noticed over the last year is that the more I heal and come back to feeling like my true self the more grateful I am.

I knew that I was an emotional wreck and that I was disconnected for quite some time but I didn’t notice how far off I was until things started to feel connected again. As I sit in that awesome space of being aware and enjoying things with true enthusiasm (not the fake kind that I spouted for a while) I am amazed at the people around me. There are some very cool people.

It is exciting to see my friends, family and peers from refreshed eyes! My goodness, it’s like a new pair of glasses.

Let me clarify, I wasn’t dealing with depression. It may sound as though I am referring to a time where depression ruled the roost. It was burnout. Some call it compassion fatigue while others call it adrenal fatigue. I just call it tired. Okay well there’s usually a special “F” word in front of tired but I’ll keep that language off the page for now.
I was tired of doing the same old thing over and over. I was tired of not feeling challenged or inspired. I was finding myself feeling lost.

Thankfully that isn’t the case anymore. I am still a bit lost but in a totally different way. I am lost in the “I want to get my own business going but I am overwhelmed” kind of lost. It’s an exciting lost.

The coolest part is that I am meeting new people, reconnecting with people who have always been in my life. Grieving the loss of others. It’s a renewal. A renewal of the senses, the soul and the mind!

Hhhmm, I wonder what my point was? Oh yes. GRATITUDE!

I have been doing a great email exchange with 2 amazing and rad friends and I think it has made a huge difference. We email our gratitude with each other and cheer each other on. It has slowed down a lot but I still think about it everyday and I must repeat , it has helped!

It’s good to slow down, think about things in a more meaningful way and appreciate what I have. My heart is filled with so much good, loving experiences!

It is nice to see a gratitude challenge going around on facebook. I will pose it to you but with a longer timeframe then I have seen it:

Share with someone (friend, me, your journal etc…) 5 things that you are grateful for everyday for the next 2 weeks.

I’ll start.
1) My family – not only blood related peeps (you guys rock but there’s not a lot of you so I had to expand) but friends that have become family to me.
2) Yoga – It grounds me, challenges me, heals me and connects me
3) My gratitude email friends. This one’s for you! hehehe
4) This great opportunity to find what really makes me joyful.
5) Summertime – I love how extra motivated I am with the sunshine!

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. I hope you share what you are grateful for!



Yoga Every Damn Day!

A 40 day journey is about to finish. 

Every morning I would wake up with the sound of S.N.Goenka as my alarm at 05:00am and drink some water, maybe do some oil pulling and slowly wake myself up so that I could go to the yoga studio for around 06:00am. Every. Damn. Day. 

It has been a challenge! I have come to realize that while I am a morning person I am not that early of a morning person. I enjoy a variety of ways to care for my body. Vigorous vinyasa yoga every day did not work for me. My body needs a few Yin days, some ashtanga days and some days where I am not teaching myself. I would not know this had I not done this 40 day journey. 

It was a roller coaster of emotions. Pretty much as intense as my yoga teacher training was and just as intense as my mentorship program currently is. Yogis have this stigma of being flaky and not very serious and while there are those personalities (which are everywhere by the way) this could not be further from the truth. Yogis are dedicated, open, loving, serious (and fun!) as well as brilliant. It takes time and patience to meditate everyday, to do a personal practice everyday, to research and learn everyday, to create sequences everyday and to be human. Everyday. 

I have decided to celebrate the completion of the 40 days with as big of a smile as I had for my YTT. I will bounce with joy, tell anyone who will listen and reward myself with a day of sleeping in! 

I love what I am up to these days, even the days that terrify me. I still battle a bit with “how will I make enough money?” but consistently trust that things will fall into place if I continue to stay dedicated. 


I am so thankful to myself for doing all this work
I am thankful to Karma Teachers Yoga & Meditation studio in Vancouver (Emerson for his selfless giving, Michael for his loving chair poses)
I am thankful for Shannon Cluff for her mentorship program, her wisdom, truth and support.
I am thankful to the universe for providing! 


Namaste beautiful people!